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Code of Conduct

Discipline includes the observance of good conduct and orderly behaviour by the students of the University. The following and such other rules as framed by the University from time to time shall be strictly observed by the students of USTM:

1. Every student of USTM shall maintain discipline and consider it his/her duty to behave decently at all places. Men students shall, in particular, show due courtesy and regard to women students.

2. No student shall visit places or areas declared by USTM Office as “Out of Bounds” for the students.

3. Every student shall always carry his / her Identity Card issued by the authority. Every student, who has been issued the Identity Card shall have to produce or surrender the Identity Card, as and when required by Teaching and Library Staff and the Officials of the University.

4. Any student found guilty of impersonation or of giving a false name or found guilty of forgery shall be liable to disciplinary action.

5. The loss of the Identity Card, whenever it occurs, shall immediately be reported in writing to the USTM office.

6. Ragging in any form is prohibited in the University and those found indulging in act(s) of ragging shall be punished.

Breach of Discipline, inter-alia, shall Include:

(i) Smoking, using Mobile Phone or carrying eatables are not allowed inside the studios/ control room, laboratories or classrooms. Students shall maintain professional decorum and consider it their duty to behave decently at all times and places. No instances of misbehaviour or sexual harassment shall be tolerated. The rules for discipline and classroom behaviour will be given at the time of admission.

(ii) Irregularity in attendance, persistent idleness or negligence or indifference towards the work assigned;

(iii) Causing disturbance to classes, offices, libraries, auditoriums, play grounds etc. ;

(iv) Disobeying the instructions of teachers or the authorities;

(v) Misconduct or misbehavior of any nature at the time of elections to the student bodies or at meetings or during curricular or extra-curricular activities of the University;

(vi) Misconduct or misbehavior of any nature at the Examination Centre;

(vii) Misconduct or misbehavior of any nature towards a teacher or any employee of the University or any visitor to the University;

(viii) Causing damage to, spoiling or disfiguring the property/ equipment of the University;

(ix) Inciting others to do any of the aforesaid acts;

(x) Giving publicity to misleading accounts or rumors amongst the students;

(xi) Mischief, misbehavior and / or nuisance committed by the residents of the hostels;

(xii) Visiting places or areas declared by USTM as out of bounds for the students;

(xiii) Not carrying the Identity Card issued by USTM without any valid reason;

(xiv) Refusing to produce or surrender the Identity Card as and when required by any Staff of the University;

(xv) Any other conduct anywhere, which is considered to be unbecoming of a student. Students found guilty of breach of discipline shall be liable to such punishment, as FINE, CAMPUS BAN, EXPULSION, OR RUSTICATION.

(xvi) However, no such punishment shall be imposed on an erring student unless he is given a fair chance to defend himself. This shall not preclude the Vice-Chancellor, USTM from suspending an erring student during the pendency of disciplinary proceedings against him.

(xvii) All powers relating to discipline and disciplinary action in relation to student shall vest in Vice-Chancellor, USTM However, the Vice-Chancellor, USTM may delegate all or any of his powers as he deems proper to the Discipline Committee as the case may be or any other functionary of the University.

(xviii) Powers relating to discipline/misconduct shall be regulated by respective statutes of the University of Science & Technology, Meghalaya ACT of 2008.

(Xix) All admissions shall be subject to vetting of past conduct of the applicant by the concerned Department of the University.

Note : In order to maintain peace and to ensure academic stability on the Campus, the character antecedents of all applicants shall be duly scrutinised by the concerned Department of the University and the department reserves the right to deny applicants with tainted record of indiscipline, admission(s) on the rolls of the University.